Verify Our Non-Profit Status

If you’d like to verify our 501(c)3 non-profit status, you can do so easily by going to the IRS website and following the instructions in red below.

This status creates certain provisions for both us, the organization, and you, the donor. Please check with your tax preparer for your eligibility to deduct your donation from your federal tax calculations.

First, here is our Federal Employer Identification Number, or EIN: 27-1727391

You’ll need that when using the IRS site’s search tool.

Click HERE or the image below to land on the page displayed and start the short process.

   IRS site screenshot 1

Next, select the option as shown below.

IRS site 2
Now, either type-in or copy and paste our EIN (provided above) into the box, as shown.

IRS site 3
And now you should see our listing as displayed below.

IRS site 4
Hopefully this check will make you feel secure in the knowledge that we are an above-board, legitimate charitable organization.

We are aware of many scams these days that take advantage of the generous nature of Americans.

And we wanted to help instill confidence in our potential donors that we are the “real deal”.

And that your donated funds will go directly into the operation of Vegas Roots Community Garden, and will be administered by Together We Can, directed by Rosalind Brooks.

Thanks for your interest and diligence. We hope you’ll give from the heart.