Vegas Roots & Cultivating Community

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Well, if Mary is anything like the multitude of happy gardeners who’ve maintained plots at the Vegas Roots Community Garden over the past seven years, then I’d say it’s growing very well.

Vegas Roots, established in 2010 by Nevadan native and former schoolteacher, Rosalind Brooks (known by all as Roz), rests on five acres just north of downtown Las Vegas. The whimsically decorated, visitor-friendly grounds awakened a previously desolate piece of land. Even though Roz has led a nutritionally healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood, she never factored farming into that equation. The garden “found" her and is now the passion that awakes her each morning. While a solopreneur on this gardening journey, her very supportive husband and two adult daughters are Roz’s biggest cheerleaders.