Marketplace at The Roots

~ Marketplace at The Roots ~

A new Saturday market has opened at the Vegas Roots Community Garden!

We call it Marketplace at The Roots, and our first one was November 24th, 2012.

It was well received and we’ve since hosted several other Marketplaces, which are scheduled out through May 2013.

Please read below for the complete Marketplace at The Roots schedule and additional information.

We really hope to meet you!

The Marketplace Returns in…

September, 2013

(Vendors, please see below)

Marketplace at The Roots flyer

Free Admission –

We have lots of room down here.  Parking and admission to the market are completely free.

Local Vendors –

We will strive to have lots of vendors at each market.  Their wares will range from locally grown produce to various handmade artistic creations.

All local and all in need of your support.

We’ll try to provide a pre-market update of the vendors we expect, so you can plan your shopping accordingly.

Vendors For May 18th

  • All Together Now – Xena Foreman
    Unique Handbags, Clothing, Shea Butter
  • Chair Massage – Joe Hershberger
  • Winder Farms – Bob Drabicki
    In-Home Food Delivery Sevice
  • The Mystic Dragon – Vern Watson Jr.
  • Accessories on the Go – Jean Botkin
    Sandals, Jewelry, and Charm Scarves
  • Garden of Ikeda – Ikeda and Jason
    Priti BLQ Soap, Miracle Butter, Salt Soak, GOI Grow
  • The Stitch in Time – Bobbi Lee Glover
    Bobbi’s Facebook Page
  • Gypsychic Jewelry – Shannel Frisbe
    Artisan Created Jewelry
    Shannel’s Facebook Page
  • Candy’s Rag Rugs –
  • Thirty One – Nicole Moe
  • Super Body Care – Shelley Richard
    Green Conscience Spa Products
  • Food Vendor: Poppy The Pizza Guys – Matthew Wagner
    (702) 328-6921
  • Musical Guests – The All-Togethers


Tour the Property –

We’d love to have you come down just to view the garden and its spacious four-plus acre grounds. 

So, if you’ve ever been curious about the Garden or even if you’re just now hearing about it, our new Market will give you a great reason to pay us a visit!

You-Pick Garden –

Part of your tour of our sanctuary will include the chicken coops, the permaculture garden and the You-Pick garden. 

Throughout the year, garden staff (volunteers) plant various crops.  Since Las Vegas has such favorable year-round growing conditions, local residents can usually find something to harvest. 

There’s nothing quite like picking and enjoying a fresh tomato, squash or other vegetable right off the plant.

This month we have the following delicious offerings available for you:

  • Various Herbs – mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc.

We just planted a bunch of stuff, so it will be a couple of weeks until a fresh crop of veggies is available.

Kid’s Playground –

You are welcome to bring your children with you.  In fact, we encourage it. 

Not only is it a great learning environment regarding food production and quality, but the young ones won’t get bored for a moment. 

We have a very nice playground that frankly, doesn’t get enough attention.  

Of course, we’ll need you to keep an eye on them, because the chicken coops are right beside the playground…

Music –

To add to the open-air market ambiance and enhance your shopping experience, we’ll have some great live music provided by the following local bands:

  • March 9th –  Open Drummer’s Circle
  • March 16th – Menores Rock
  • April 13th – Botielus
  • April 20th –
  • May 11th – Leather Bound Crooks
  • May 18th – The All-Togethers

Ours is a great venue for the musical guests we’ve selected.  The Garden is enclosed and off the beaten path a bit, but wide open to the sky.  A perfect place for some music!

Support Your Community –

This is a great way to make a difference locally.  A couple of times a month you can buy super-fresh produce and other perishables as well as various other goods, rather than shopping at your favorite grocery store or supermarket. 

The Garden benefits, the vendors benefit, the community benefits.  Just the way we love it!


Please do!  This is a non-profit community garden.  It’s open to everyone. 

The Marketplace at The Roots event is your official invitation to come on down and see the place. 

Look around.  Shop.  Meet new folks.  Find out about all we have going on down here.  Maybe even volunteer?

Vendors –

Vendors, we welcome you! 

Please download our Marketplace at The Roots Vendor Application below.


Marketplace at The Roots vendor application download button

Points of Contact –

For additional information, please contact: