Contact Information

When Did the Garden Open?

Who is the visionary and founder?

Is it a registered Non Profit or 501c3 ?

How many staff work at the garden ?

What days and times is the garden open ?

How do you water the garden ? When and how often ?

When are your different growing seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) ?  Do you have a dormant season ?

Who do you distribute the produce to ?  Do you provide to local supermarkets, restaurants, or community instutions ?

I heard the garden needs volunteers ? How can I volunteer ?

How long do Volunteers work at the garden ?

What tasks would (I / We) be doing ?

How much does it cost to rent out a plot or a space ?

Adopt a Plot: How does planting in the garden work ? Do volunteers get a plot of their own, or is it communal ?

Do I have to call first ?

Can I bring my Children ?

Can I bring my compost ?

Do ( I / We ) maintain our plot or does staff at the garden take care of it ?