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A Blessing

“I was given a blessing today! My day was incredible…truly an oasis in the desert. I love to be a part of nature…plants, beautiful children and adults all growing in harmony…all thriving on the peace of simple abundance.

I felt treated like a queen! Everyone was so nice…kicking back, good conversation, music and food. I feel like I made friends today! At the end of the day I looked at the stars and a sliver of moon and said “thank you for this blessing… Health and Joy!”


1 Joan Paye

“Las Vegas?  You don’t want to live in  Vegas!  There’s no community”!

– That was the reaction  I got   before transplanting  our  family to Las Vegas; uprooting them  from  suburban Portland, Oregon in 2006.  

While the family  found ways to connect; church, school, work and the poker table-  it wasn’t until I read about Rosalind Brooks and how, by faith,  she had undertaken this crazy project; building a  community garden in the heart of West Las Vegas, that real community started to form.

Like many, I just started showing up at the garden on Saturdays.  I quickly noticed that it didn’t matter how much money you have, where you come from, what you do for a living, what color you are or what kind of car you drive…we are all the same in the garden.  The moment  our hands touch the  soil or peel back a leaf and discover a fresh, ripe tomato, we are  consumed with a sense of child-like wonder and joy rushes in.

After a few months of volunteering at the garden and making new friends-  I teemed up with my carpool buddy and adopted a garden bed.    We have enjoyed a 10 month growing season that has produced a steady supply of organic produce:  kale, beans, peppers, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, carrots, tomatoes, jalapenos, and green chile.  We have made it a habit to come by every Friday to check on the garden.   I actually take a little pride in returning to the office after our lunch-time harvest with dirt under my nails and a huge bag of organic greens for dinner.  I am even more thrilled to get to introduce friends to the garden who can experience a special kind of peace, wonder and community.

I have learned from my plot neighbors and enjoyed visiting with them under the awning after playing in our gardens – it’s  as if we are on a community porch, telling stories and growing… together.
– Joan Paye

1 Rachel D. Richardson

I was first introduced to the garden by way of a grant that a group I was working with had gotten to help with the irragation & beautification of the garden. i myself had NEVER been to a garden & at the time was 31 yrs old. I fell in love from day 1!! My husband had been diagnosised with diabetes a yr earlier & by going to the garden I learned so much about food & the way it’s processed & the importance of GARDEN FRESH fruits, veggies, herbs etc. My husband and daughter have attended one of the cooking classes & learned how to cook fresh green bean casserole. I have been able to take many inner-city youth who otherwise wouldn’t have known anything about gardening or being able to help build a garden from the ground up to this AWESOME refuge right in their backyard. The youth have helped paint the rocks, murrals, they donated the entire playyard & can’t wait to see the amphitheater built. I’ve been able to spend time w/ my 5yr old daughter at the garden & she LOVES it!! It’s peaceful & positive. My 5 yr old has learned many ways to eat fresh & we love picking herbs to put in our sauces. She is more aware of the cause & effect of unhealthy eating & puts us in place when we want even a cookie..WE LOVE THE GARDEN!!


Rachael D. Richardson

Diana from Whole Foods

Vegas Roots Community Gardens is truly a gem for locals in Las Vegas. Being able to have a garden to grow fresh fruits, veggies and even cotton is something people never thought possible in the desert! Not only is the garden providing fresh healthy foods, but it’s also providing a place where families and friends within the community can come together and truly learn and grow together. Roz Brooks has created something we’ve all been wanting to see in Las Vegas, and we’re extremely happy that she has!

Diona – Whole Foods

Sherita Diaz from Village of Hope Las Vegas

It was an awesome experience! Visiting the garden provided us with an opportunity to expose our Village of Hope and Whitney E.S. GATE and TAGS students to gardening and the growth process of fresh fruits and vegetables. They were very excited to be learn about composing and to contribute to creating good soil by collecting waste from school and composing it at the garden. Many of our students have never been out of their neighborhood, so the field trip to the garden and the nutrition information provided has helped them to be more health conscious and environmentally aware. What an excellent partnership we have! Thank you!
Have a beautiful day!
Sherita Diaz

Karen Gordon from Activity Planners

Spending time at ‘The Garden’ is one of the most peaceful rewarding things I can do….we all live in such a high paced, high stress environment, always busy, always on the go….it is a pleasure, just spending time at the garden….it’s a sanctuary.   Planting our ‘Garden Bed’ with friends and enjoying the rewards is always such a treat!  Come on out, buy a garden bed and experience this for yourself!

– Karen Gordon

Activity Planners

Rachel Ramos

What the garden has given to me…..


rewarding volunteer work
spiritual awakening
chicken eggs
fresh veggies
new recipes
beautiful sunsets
tears, but happy ones 🙂


This sums it up, hope it works for you.
Rachel Ramos

2 Hann Sabri from Going Organic Delivery

I am so grateful to have Vegas Roots Community Garden in Las Vegas.  I hope to see more community gardens created throughout Las Vegas.  The Garden is a great place to come out and bond with your neighbors, grow your own food, volunteer to help your community and simple enjoy the outdoors!  In a city desperate for green edible spaces, VRCG is an oasis in the desert!

Hanan Sabri

Going Organic Delivery

Nicole Bungum from the Southern Nevada Health District

“The garden is such an important asset to our community!  It provides a wonderful environment for all ages to get outside, be active and experience the joy of gardening.  It also provides access to fresh produce for hundreds of residents who may otherwise have limited access.”

– Nicole Bungum (Southern Nevada Health District)

Christopher Roller from the American Heart Association

Vegas Roots Community Garden is one of a kind here in Las Vegas.  Rosalind and her volunteers have created something truly special that has improved not only the surrounding community but the city as a whole, with the potential to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to community members, schools and local businesses all across the valley.  It’s been amazing watching this garden grow from an empty dirt and gravel lot to a wonderful source of nutrition and life for Las Vegas.



Christopher Roller

Senior Government Relations Director

American Heart Association