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Meet Herbalist – Vanecia Boone & VegasRoots Nourishing Our Community

Vanecia Boone Vegas Roots Nourishing Community

Vanecia Boone is the resident herbalist at Vegas Roots. This summer, members have exclusive access to a series of blog posts from her on herbal medicine. Before we get started, get to know the woman behind the herbs! Vanecia Boone & Vegas Roots Nourishing Community.

Vanecia Boone

How long have you lived in Las Vegas?
I have lived in Las Vegas for 7 years.

How did you discover herbal medicine?
I discovered Herbal Medicine during a severe depression and horrible anxiety. I was unable to take prescription meds and used herbs to help pull me out of this horrible sickness.

Why did you choose to become an herbalist?
I chose to practice and study herbalism to help people reconnect with this ancient practice. Herbs have been used in healing since the beginning of time! I also wanted to help others to discover affordable and easy ways to take care of themselves at home.

What is the #1 thing you want people to understand about herbal medicine?
My favorite quote is from Angela Harris: “Take an herb any herb”. The #1 thing I desire for others to understand about herbal medicine is that there is an herb for every ailment and if we just seek and use our inner wisdom to guide us, there is nothing that we cannot heal.

What can readers expect from your upcoming blog series?
Readers can expect to learn how to make tinctures, decoctions, formulas for healing, as well as find out some really cool and extraordinary secrets about using herbal remedies. There is so much to learn. Readers will have such a wonderful time discovering the magic of herbs!

Do you have a favorite herb to work with? If so, which one and why?
Asking me my favorite herb is like asking someone to chose between free money for the rest of their life or a life with no bills or work. I simply cannot choose. But I love dandelion. It is the herb of all herbs. It’s resilient on earth and in your body, helping to clean and build the blood. Wonderful for your digestive tract, liver, and kidneys. It’s safe for all ages and people. It’s just one of those herbs you can break out no matter what is wrong and it will help to remedy the problem. However there are so many herbs that I love. I simply cannot choose.

Anything else to add?
The last thing that I would say is herbs work best with whole foods. There is no such thing as miracle cure (outside of prayer). You must give your body the proper nutrition with foods for herbs to work best. We will talk more about this in the series.

Vanecia Boone and Vegas Roots Are Nourishing Our Community 2017 and beyond!

Vegas Roots & Cultivating Community – Zappos

Vegas Roots & Cultivating Community

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Well, if Mary is anything like the multitude of happy gardeners who’ve maintained plots at the Vegas Roots Community Garden over the past seven years, then I’d say it’s growing very well.

Vegas Roots, established in 2010 by Nevadan native and former schoolteacher, Rosalind Brooks (known by all as Roz), rests on five acres just north of downtown Las Vegas. The whimsically decorated, visitor-friendly grounds awakened a previously desolate piece of land. Even though Roz has led a nutritionally healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood, she never factored farming into that equation. The garden “found" her and is now the passion that awakes her each morning. While a solopreneur on this gardening journey, her very supportive husband and two adult daughters are Roz’s biggest cheerleaders.