Adopt a Plot Program

Adopt-a-Plot Program

Mother and child gardening

Benefits of a Community Garden

Adults and children who take part in a community garden eat healthier diets than do non-gardening people, according to Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move Campaign”.

We feel quite strongly that involvement and participation in our community garden will, in turn, help to lower the childhood obesity rate here in Las Vegas.

So, make sure to bring your kids when you visit!  We have a great playground for them, as well.

Also, it is a scientifically documented fact that exposure to green spaces reduces stress and increases a sense of wellness and belonging.

These are only a few of the many ways in which Vegas Roots Community Garden is a catalyst for positive change.

Harvest Year-Round

You might not think so, but we grow crops year-round here at Vegas Roots Community Garden.

Yes, despite the harsh desert climate, our plots produce a remarkable variety and quantity of delicious edibles throughout the year.

How is this possible?

Well, we use raised-bed plots with an automatic watering system.  And we also use only the best, natural soil in those plots.  Soil that is not only nutrient rich, but also holds moisture quite well.  And we don’t ship our soil in – we make it ourselves – with composting, vermiculture (earthworms) and amendment (adding natural stuff that helps it retain moisture).

Of course, not every type of edible plant will grow during the Las Vegas summer, even with all the techniques we use.  So, we’ll suggest the ones we and other plot owners have had the most success with.

You bring the seeds or seedlings and plant them.  We automatically water them.  You visit regularly to tend your plot (or delegate that to us – see option B below) and harvest your produce as it ripens.

There’s really very little physical work involved on your part, since the plots are ready to go, self-watering and rarely grow any weeds.

Plot sizes are 50 square feet, which is just the right size for most folks.  Not too big, but not too small.  You’ll be surprised just how much produce can grow in a 5 x 10 foot plot!

Benefits To You

A.  Adopt a garden plot to harvest fresh, organic produce for yourself, family, or business.  This is the most common option for families who desire to not only grow their own organic produce, but to teach their children how fun and easy it is.

Benefits of choosing option A:

  • Get some sun and fresh air in a peaceful, green space
  • Grow your choice of healthy, organic produce to nourish yourself and your family
  • Involve & educate your children in how food is grown and where it really comes from
  • Get grounded to the Earth by putting your hands in the soil and tending your crops
  • Enjoy the pleasure of knowing where your produce came from and that YOU grew it!


B.  Adopt a garden plot and allow Vegas Roots Community Garden to use the harvest to help further its mission of feeding seniors, youth, and the community.  This option is often chosen by small business and corporate sponsors.

Benefits of choosing option B:

  • Receive a tax deduction
  • Place a highly-visible advertising sign at Vegas Roots for 12 months
  • Help to feed our community
  • Assist in preserving and promoting a healthful green space in the heart of the city

All this for only $500 per year, which comes out to only $41.67 per month to support this wonderful project!

You can also pay $125 quarterly, if you’d prefer.

And of course, this fee helps us run the Garden and our programs, as well as pay our utility bills.  The water bill alone is quite large, despite our ongoing conservation efforts.

If interested, please email: contact (at) and we’ll arrange a time for you to come down and fill out the paperwork.


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