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Adopt-a-Plot at Vegas Roots!

$125 Quarterly Subscription

$500 Annual Subscription

adopt a plot program
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Only $125 Quarterly

Only $500 Yearly

Membership Includes:

One Growing Space – If you have more than one child, they may share the space.
If one space will not be enough you are welcome to purchase an additional space.

Garden Access – If you have the need to garden or maintain your plot,
kids have the same access as Adult Gardeners ( Parents must be present )

Plot Owners – Can access their space any day of the week.​

Monthly Planting Guide – The children will get a list of all of the veggies they can choose from
to plant each month. (one printed guide per family)

Seeds – We have a large variety of seeds to choose from but still may not have what your child wants to plant.   Any local nursery will be able to supply any additional packets of seeds you need.
They cost from $2 – $3 a pack.

You can also do a seed swap with other families as each packet has at least 20-30 seeds of which you will only need about 4 of them.   So… one parent can buy pumpkin seeds while another buys cucumber seeds and then you just share between the two.

Water – Each space is automatically watered every day.