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Vegas Roots Community Garden Sep 2013

The garden after a September rain.

See that empty plot above? Come pick one out for yourself and decorate it as you like. And of course, plant what you want.

Benefits of a Community Garden

Adults and children who take part in a community garden eat healthier diets than do non-gardening people, according to Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move Campaign”.

We feel quite strongly that involvement and participation in our community garden will, in turn, help to lower the childhood obesity rate here in Las Vegas.

So, make sure to bring your kids when you visit!

We have a great playground for them, as well.

 Also, it is a scientifically documented fact that exposure to green spaces reduces stress and increases a sense of wellness and belonging.  These are only a few of the many ways in which Vegas Roots Community Garden is a catalyst for positive change.

Harvest Year-Round

Plot sizes are 50 square feet, which is just the right size for most folks. Not too big, but not too small. You’ll be surprised just how much produce can grow in a 5 x 10 foot plot!  
Watering – Each Space is automatically watered every day.